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Kabir on Meat Eating

In the following couplets, Saint Kabir warns all non-vegetarians of the world, not to ignore the after effects of eating flesh and liquor. He asks them why are they so merciless and harsh? They shouldn't forget that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Also, he tells us to survive by eating plants, fruits and vegetables. When so much of advanced planning and management is done for worldly businesses, why don’t be cautious on the spiritual path?

The poor goat which eats only grass and leaves
Suffers fate of being flayed;
What will be the fate
Of those who eat the goat?

All flesh is same, be it of cow, deer or hen.
Flesh is a dog’s food,
not his who is blessed with a human form;
If a man allows meat to enter his mouth,
he will one day enter
The Gates of Hell.
They who kill will in turn be killed,
Whether they kill for eating or for sport;
They will be dragged by their hair
and taken to task
by the ruthless minions of Kaal (Satan).
If one eats even a grain of fish,
And then gives a million cows in charity,
Or submits
to the holy saw at Kasi (Varanasi),
Still the inevitable result
Will be a seat In flames of hell.

The suffering of all beings is the same,
but foolish man is blind to other’s pain;
Why not cut your own throat
So that the bliss of liberation you attain?
To the mullah says the hen:
Ruthlessly you cut my neck,
But one day the Lord will demand
An account for your deed -
Then you will suffer
Endless agony and pain.
Blacken the face of your ritual laws,
Banish duality from your heart;
All souls belong to the One Lord -
O fatuous Mullah, forbear from killing
Any being of God.
Cut the throat of wrath, your urge to cruelty destroy;
He who ruthlessly kills the five,
will surely meet the Lord.

-Kabir Sakhi-Sangrah, p.162:3-12; Belvedere Press

The man who eat meat
is a demon in human form,
Keep away from him -
His company will ruin your meditation.
Who eat meat and fish, who relish drugs & wine,
Their very roots as human beings
will be wiped out,
Like radishes uprooted by the farmer.

-Kabir Sakhi-Sangrah, p.161:1-2; Belvedere Press

Who eats grain is a man,
Who eats meat, a dog;
Who renders a living being dead
Is a demon incarnate.

-Satt Kabir, p.356:886; Mehta & Patel, Ahmedabad 1957

You violently slaughter innocent animals,
And claim it to be in keeping
with the canons of your creed;
But when God places before you
the record of your cruel deeds,
What will you fate be?
Kabir, eat porridge to your fill
with the seasoning of salt;
Who would eat meat
and get his own throat cut?
-Adi Granth, p.1375:199, 1374:188

Th Qazi and the Priest, both embraced delusion
And took to the ways of the world -
God and religion they forgot
The moment they took knife in their hands.
The evil ones, even sitting in worship
Eat meat and drink wine;
They will never gain salvation,
In the fires of hell, they will sink a million times.

-Kabir Granthavali, p.33:7, 33:13; Hindi Parishad Allahabad 1961

Hindus have no kindness, Turks no mercy
In their hearts; says Kabir,
Both will be dragged down,
by the currents of the eighty-four.
I tell you, O men, again and again I warn,
Remember what I say:
Whose throat today you cut,
will cut yours one day.

-Kabir Sakhi-Sangrah, p.163:15-16; Belvedere Press

O man, such indeed is your utility
That your meat can be put to no use:
Nor from your bones can ornaments be made,
Nor can your skin, be mounted on a drum.

-Bijak Sakhi, 199; Gopiganj 1914

Cherish kindness and mercy within your heart;
Man, why should you become
Merciless and harsh
When from the tiny ant, to the mighty elephant
All beings belong to God?
-Satt Kabir, p.356:940; Mehta & Patel, Ahmedabad 1957

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