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Art of Dying

Death is not to be feared. It is only the name given to the phenomenon of the soul leaving the body. After discarding the physical body, the soul ascends to the astral, causal, and higher regions. Death is merely the withdrawal of the soul from its gross coverings and its entrance into finer regions. It is merely giving up the present garment, namely, the body. It does not mean annihilation. There’s life after death, although we may not be able to see it.

The Saints have solved the mystery of death. They leave the human body every day and travel into the higher spiritual regions. In their company we learn the means by which we too, can triumph over death.

Saints have described at length the method of passing through the gate of death and of conquering death. By following this method, a devotee can also pass through the gate of death and travel through the regions beyond it. He leaves and returns to his physical body at will. While doing so he is completely conscious, and whatever scenes he witnesses he vividly remembers.
A person, whose soul has traversed the upper realms before death has overtaken him, can alone understand what it is to die while living. Intellect is helpless to comprehend this phenomenon.

Plutarch describes the state at the time of death as follows:

“At the moment of death the soul experiences the same impressions and passes through the same process as is experienced by those who are initiated into the Great Mysteries.”

Those who follow the instructions of a true living Master, die daily while living. They go into the regions above and they come back into the same physical body, at will.
One of the benefits of the teachings of the Saints is that a disciple crosses the gate of death in a state of happiness and thus conquers it. This is the experience of all disciples who have been blessed with the grace of the Master. It is not merely talk or a fable taken from some book of Holy Scriptures.
If one learns the art of dying while living, he can forever end the cycle of birth and rebirth. He loses all fear of death, for everyday he crosses its gate. Therefore Saints eulogize the state of dying while living and teach the method of attaining it.

What exactly is "dying while living"? The headquarters of the soul in the body is at the eye centre, and from there the entire body receives its energy currents. In the practice of dying while living, there is no need to stop breathing. Simply collect your full attention at the eye centre by doing simran (repetition), thus depriving the senses of their motive energy. The body will then appear as a corpse. In other words, the gross senses should cease to function and the fine currents get awakened, so that the soul can rise to the subtle regions and behold their glory.

By simran, all the active energy in the body is concentrated at the eye centre; by contemplation it is fixed there; and by means of the Sound Current it ascends to higher regions. When consciousness separates from the body, it is known as dying while living. The disciple leaves his body in the same way that the soul leaves it at the time of death. The difference is only this - that his connection with the physical body is not completely broken. There is a silver cord, referred to in the Bible (Eccles. 12:6), by means of which one can leave the body and return to it at will, and be at all times connected with the body. In this manner he gets an insight into death, while living. He travels in the astral, the causal and the higher regions, and becomes fully familiar with them.

A person, who dies while living, lives forever. One who looks upon worldly life and death with the same attitude becomes free from death. This dying while living has nothing to do with being cremated or buried. It is a state or condition in which the Master bestows eternal life on his disciples.
To die while living by meditation is the essential factor of spirituality, because it is only after such death that the soul becomes really alive. Most people in the world are ignorant of this death, and having no knowledge of the true path, they are always afraid of death, which overtakes them anyway.

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