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Audible Life Stream: The Source of Everything

The Audible Life Stream is the cardinal, central fact in the science of the true Masters. It is the keystone of the arch. It is the cornerstone of the structure. It is the structure itself. And it is the path of the Masters. One might say that the Master and the life stream constitute the path of the Masters. The great spiritual current is not only the central fact in the science of the Masters but it is the supreme fact and factor of the entire universe. It is the very essence and life of all things. It is perhaps less known than any other important fact of nature, yet it is the one determining factor of all nature. That is indeed a pity.

It is not easy to explain exactly what the audible life stream is. It cannot be defined or explained in words. This is so because it is beyond the capacity of any language, and it is also beyond the capacity of this writer. We have never known anyone who could put it into words, because language is limited. If we could summon all the languages ever spoken by man, extracting from them their utmost powers of expression, it were a vain effort even then to undertake to describe and explain this primary fact of nature. It is a story which is never told because it cannot be told. It is a language which has never been spoken or written. It is the ever-living melody which cannot be recorded on bars and spaces. Its notes are beyond the strings of any earthly instruments. Its inspiring chorus rings through every chamber of the soul, but there is no way to convey the idea to other people who have not heard it.
Its glorious light cannot be pictured on canvas. One sees its feeble reflections in the morning sky or that of the setting sun, or in the silvery moon. But its colors are quite beyond the comprehension of any mortal artist; while in its pure state, above the regions of matter, it simply blends into one infinite perfection which no man can describe, except to say with Soami Ji, "It is all love!" It is the ‘dhunatmak’ (audible) Word of those regions where language is useless. It is the smile of the lover which finds its home in the heart but cannot be expressed in words. When it is heard, the enchanted listener is silent and filled with a great joy.

Stated in the simplest words we can employ, the audible life stream is the supreme Creator himself vibrating through space. It is the wave of spiritual life going forth from the Creator to every living thing in the universe. By that current he has created all things, and by it he sustains them. In it they all live and move and have their being, and by that same current they will ultimately return to their source of being.
Try now to get a picture of that luminous reality, the grand orchestra of the universe. Its heavenly strains are not only filling all interstellar space but they are ringing with far more enchanting music through all the higher worlds beyond the utmost bounds of the physical. The higher we go, the more enchanting the music. In those higher worlds the music is less mixed with matter, and so it is not dulled. After passing the third region on the path of the Masters, this sublime chorus becomes so overwhelmingly attractive that the soul grows impatient to go on up. It is absorbed in it. It lives in it day and night. It is its life, its joy, its spiritual food. There is not a cubic millimeter of space in existence which is not filled with this music. Sweeter and sweeter its heavenly strains vibrate through every living being, great or small, from world to world, and from universe to universe. Its life-giving melodies may not be consciously heard by those who are not trained to catch them, but there is not a living being in all creation which does not derive its life from this current. All joy that has ever thrilled a living soul has come out of this divine harmonic. How great is this luminous reality!

If you still think much of the word religion, then you may say that this current is the only real religion. Or better, it is the giver of all genuine religion. It is the one and only thing in the world which actually binds men back to God. That is the meaning of our word religion - something which binds the soul back to God. Without this stream, nothing could live for a single moment or even exist. All life and all power come from it. From the crawling ant to the thunderbolt, from the tidal wave to the solar cycle, every manifestation of dynamic energy comes from this stream. From the burning orbs of the Milky Way to the flicker of a candle, all take their light and energy from this grand central power. The pull of gravity, the flash of lightning, the building of thought-forms, and the love of the individual soul-all come from this current primordial.
That which physical science calls energy, which in Sanskrit is called ‘prana,’ is only a manifestation of this life stream, 'stepped down' to meet material conditions. Like electricity in the air, it is omnipresent. It is also omnipotent. In it lies all energy, either latent or dynamic. It only awaits the proper conditions to express itself as dynamic force in one form or another. It has many forms of expression, most of which are not yet known to physical science.
Of course, it has to be stepped down, and at each step down it takes a different character or quality to which we give names if we can demonstrate them at all. Science has not yet discovered most of them. But every force known, from primal energy called prana down to electricity and magnetism, are all modified forms of the same eternal current. Its stepping down is necessary to serve the common cosmic and human needs. But at last it is all one force. It is the Supreme One, manifested and manifesting.

The tremendous heat, energy, and light of our sun and of all suns are all derived from this stream. Every ray of light in the universe is a phenomenon of this infinite stream of light. Upon its power hangs every star in its orbit. Not a single rose may bring forth its buds without this power, and no little child smiles without manifesting this power. If we speak of attributes, let us speak cautiously. 

Who can comprehend it or assign qualities?
Who can analyse it?
But we know from its manifestations that it has at least three very wonderful attributes:
Love – Wisdom – Power

And the greatest of these is love. It is believed by some to be quite true if we say that this self-luminous reality has but one attribute - love. And this would coincide perfectly with the teaching of Jesus when he said, “God is love” (1 John 4:8). What more can be said? God is love and love is God. They are the same and they are identical with this life stream. The theme is too deep for words. Language fails us. Thought itself is lost in a blaze of light! And that light is the audible life stream, the one self-luminous reality!
We come back now to that particular phase of the audible life stream which concerns us most - the fact that it can be heard. This is an amazing thing, marvellous to contemplate! This idea is so utterly new, to the Western world in particular. It amounts to the most important discovery of modern thought, and yet it is not a modern discovery. It is a fact of nature well known to Masters during the most remote ages. It is the loss of this important knowledge that has left most of the world in spiritual darkness. From age to age, the great Masters come to revive this knowledge, after materialism has obscured it.

As said before, it is not heard with the physical ear. But it can be heard, and everyone has the capacity. It only requires the development of an inner and finer organ of hearing, which every person possesses. It is developed under the instructions of a living Master. This fact of hearing the Sound is our supreme joy, for it points directly to our ultimate spiritual freedom. The Masters teach their students exactly how to develop this inner hearing. After that, the life stream can be heard as distinctly and perfectly as we can hear anything on this plane by means of the physical ears.
If it be true that no man has ever seen God (1 John 4:12), it means that he has not seen him with the physical eyes. Yet on the inner and higher planes of seeing and hearing, God may be both seen and heard. To accomplish this marvellous achievement, it is necessary to seek first a living Master and then place ourselves under his instructions. You must then succeed. God is seen and heard by all initiates of a living Master who devote themselves to the practice as given by the Master. This is one of the demonstrated facts of the science of the Masters. It is not theory. It is a fact of experience verified over and over again many thousands of times. There are many people personally known to this writer who have demonstrated this fact in their own experiences. God is seen and heard by all who try according to the method of the Masters. They cannot fail if they do the work.
This creative current, filling all space, may be likened to the electromagnetic waves of the radio. The receiving set is the human body, more accurately, the astral body within the physical. The receiving set, standing on your table, simply has to be 'tuned in' in order to receive the music. Each individual man or woman is a receiving set. As soon as he is tuned in by the Master, he is ready to receive "the pure white music" spoken of by Saint Kabir. It then remains only to keep the instrument in proper order to go on enjoying this melodious ‘bani.’ Of course, but few get the music at once after their initiation. It takes a little time to develop the inner hearing. The entire body, and more particularly the mind and astral body, must be cleaned and purified and then attuned to the higher vibrations. After that, the music comes clearly. When one begins to hear it, he is filled with a great joy; for there is nothing in the world to be compared with it.
The full chorus of a Handel, the sublimest strains of a Wagner, are all dull when compared with this ‘bani.’ If we put into one composition all the values of a Bach and a Beethoven, let the harp and the violin, the pipe organ and the flute combine to interpret the music of all the masters of music, even then you could not produce one minor chord of this sublime enchantment. It takes possession of the soul of the hearer; it re-creates him, and then he finds himself a citizen of a new world. The attractions of sense disappear. He is exalted. His heart is purified and his mind is renewed. He lives anew. He has become immortal. How can the shadow of death ever cross his path? He has definitely entered the stream of everlasting life!

When it is time for him to leave the body, he goes as one who throws off an old garment. Upon the divine wave he ascends to the bosom of God. No sorrow of earth can ever again submerge him. He rises above all turbulent waves of passion, as a man mounts the sky in an airplane, while the floods of muddy water roll by beneath him. He rises triumphantly above every evil. One can never again be unhappy after he has once participated in this life-giving music. Long after the melody itself is shut out by attention to things of this world, the joy of it goes on ringing through one's entire being. But the same ringing delight may be heard again any moment that the student wishes to listen to it. He has only to withdraw his attention from the outer world and concentrate a little.

From the sacred hour when the student hears this music, he is never again alone or lonely. He may wander far from home or friends, but he is never lonely. In a true sense he enjoys the companionship of God himself. The Supreme One is always present with him, playing for his delight the grandest chorus of the universe! Its sweet tones are calling him, tenderly calling him back home. And he longs to be on the way.

SOURCE - book “The Path of the Masters” by Dr Julian Johnson @

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